Sep, 2014
The company was established, formerly known as Hangzhou Ouhong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which mainly produces and sells wireless smart home products.

Jan, 2015
The company developed industrial wireless temperature and humidity sensors, wireless attendance system new products on the market;

Aug, 2016
The company began to develop hand-held optical spectrum testing equipment for lighting. InOctober of the sa me year, related products were listed one after another.

Jul, 2017
The company needs to expand its business and cooperate with Hangzhou Hongpu Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. to rename itself Hangzhou Hongpu Photochromic Technology Co., Ltd.

Jan, 2018
The company's handheld spectral illumination analyzer, production line micro spectrometer analyzer, LED fast photoelectric performance comprehensive testing equipment and other product types have more than 50 kinds.

Jan, 2019

The company began to develop multi-functional integrated lighting optical application products.

In 2020

The imaging luminance meter and glare test system were successfully developed and introduced to the market, contributing to the renovation of classroom lighting in primary and secondary schools and protecting the visual health of primary and secondary school students.

2023 Imaging colorimeter was successfully developed and launched to the market, and achieved great success。

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